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Seedlings, Babies 0-12 months old

Facilitated for babies (birth-12 months), with a caregiver present (siblings welcome). This baby group will provide your child the opportunity to practice skills in different positions, and to build upon sensory-motor, communication, attention, and social skills. Infant massage, simple sign language, and a familiar routine will be introduced.


Sprouts, Toddlers 1-3 years old

Facilitated for toddlers (1-3 years) with a caregiver present (siblings welcome). This toddler group provides a consistent routine with a variety of activities related to a theme, and allows for practice with transitions, taking turns, and sharing. Activities focus on sensory-motor, communication, attention, and social skills. Simple sign language and a visual schedule will be introduced.

What does our PLAYGROUP ROUTINE look like?

  • Welcome - intros, hello song

  • Music/Movement - songs with shakers/scarves/gestures

  • Book - with movements/interactive elements built in, or visuals related to story

  • Art/Sensory Stations - 20 minutes of class to explore 5 stations

    • 1: Art (visual/motor activity, focusing on process and fine motor skills)

    • 2: Wet sensory play (manipulatives/activities setup in water to support interaction)

    • 3: Dry sensory play (taste-safe materials to promote tactile comfort with different textures, playscheme is setup and tools are provided for exploration)

    • 4: Gross/sensorimotor activity (movement-based activities to build upon proprioceptive/vestibular awareness at varying ages/stages)

    • 5: For baby group, variable; for toddler group, pretend/dramatic play scenario setup related to theme

  • Bubbles - supports transition from stations and a variety of early skills

  • Parachute/Goodbye - songs

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